recovery walk ILM mission and primary purpose

It is known that 1 in 7 people from ages 12 and older will have an issue with addiction and is estimated that 40 million+ people are affected as a whole, with Wilmington, NC having been the highest ranked city statewide for opioid abuse.


RWILM's mission is to provide a free annual community outreach event inspiring recovery from addiction for the one who still suffers, celebrate that recovery is possible, and to extend support to the families and friends who have lost someone to addiction.

recovery walk ILM and beyond

MORE THAN ANYTHING RWILM is for the one who thinks they are alone, and who may feel that recovery for them is not in reach. RWILM provides the opportunity to inspire and offer support to someone who reaches for help. THE UNITY and community within recovery is far more vast than people may know and, we come together to place a footprint into the roots of Wilmington that recovery is possible and we honor those we have lost to addiction.

how we're funded

RWILM is a nonprofit all volunteer event relying on donations, and sponsored items needed for the event, such as: audio equipment, food, walk t-shirts, wristbands, venue, event insurance, and other ancillary items needed to put on the event.

© 2016  Recovery Walk ILM, Nonprofit

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