We are in the process of setting up the not-for-profit entity for RecoveryRockFest which will also help with funding as we grow, and are looking at several options for outside venues to have the event. This will help RRF to be more inclusive for the community allowing more people to attend; and will give us the opportunity to have food/beverages, recovery and healthy living vendors and more...Stay tuned. AND DON'T FORGET, you can join our email list for updates and happenings by clicking here.

rrf partners

Recovery Rock Concert
Recovery Rock Concert
Recovery Rock Concert

Jessica Burkett ~ Pamela Constantino ~ Mr. & Mrs. Richard Carlson ~ Dylan Linehan ~ Cynthia Cooke ~ Vanessa Lynch

Vanessa Bell ~ Mr. & Mrs. Roy Woolf ~ Ellen W. Mote ~ Marsha Proctor ~ Terrie McLean ~ Kim Clark Koster ~ Anonymous Donor

Chris Budnick ~ Jessica Herrmann ~ Virginia Keller ~ Caroline Paul ~ Jimmy Cioe ~ LeAnn Baker

Catherine Townsend-Lyon ~ David Wrenn ~ Elizabeth Sanders-Park ~ Leslie Wiegle ~ Marrianne Kelly ~ Cindy Clark

Dawn Knutson ~ Chrissy Pappas ~ Bambi Weavil ~ Craig Webb & James Lane ~ Dianne Marchese ~ Rachel Levin

Mary Christine Parks ~ Cindy Clark ~ Phil Wells ~ Bradford Bauer ~ Douglas Lail ~ Daria Nurzynska ~ Alicia Rodriguez ~ Jacqueline Calo ~ Traci Johnson McNulty ~ Stephanie Robinson ~ Violet Ewing ~ Michael and Catherine McDowell ~ Jimmy Casteen

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